Review: Rumours have it at the Thameside

TO BEGIN with: an audience of over a hundred, on a Saturday afternoon is pretty healthy. And those who came were entertained with a nicely paced, entertaining performance of Neil Simon’s play.

If we can also namecheck the backroom staff at Thurrock Courts Players (TCP) who week in and week out (and often after a hard day at work, design the sets, check the sound, find the props, organise publicity and generally keep amateur dramatics alive.

As a farce, the play throws you into the chaos from the beginning. Karen Reeves does polite confusion very well and does not disappoint here. She is soon joined by Wayne Prince, who again, is word perfect and an expert in exasperation and drama. Towards the end, Wayne provides a five minute monologue (when explaining an explanation to the police) that received a rapturous round of applause.

There were a number of first timers in this production as well including Dean Rands who played the part of Glenn very well.

Seasoned players, Lisa Chapman breezed through her role and Tori Grayling’s angry and suspicious Cassie was superb.

But the best thing about the play was how well the actors interacted with each other. It was very well paced and spaced. The cast used the whole of the stage very well. So that will be a hat-tip to the director, Mike Jones.

A really enjoyable afternoon matinee. It still amazes this reporter,that auditions for the next play begin this week. And that is not a Rumour!

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