Friday, December 2, 2022

Baroness Smith pleads the case for Grangemouth

BARONESS SMITH rose on the floor of the House of Lords to make an impassioned plea to not let Grangemouth go the way of Coryton.

Baroness Smith of Basildon (Lab) said: “My Lords, as the noble Baroness will be aware, I raised the issue of refinery capacity in the UK previously, when the highly efficient refinery at Coryton in Essex had to close down.

The Government refused even short-term financial support to keep it open, unlike the French and German Governments with their refineries.

We must not make the same mistake again. How sure and confident is the Minister that the UK has adequate refinery capacity?

Baroness Verma: “My Lords, we feel confident that we do have adequate capacity. On the broader point about support for the Grangemouth complex, we are happy to work to support it as long as there is a good business case there.

“Before we go to that stage, let us do the most important thing and get both parties to start talking to each other.



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