Plans moving ahead for new costume centre

PLANS are moving ahead for the new Costume Centre on the High House Production Park withThurrock Council now having granted planning permission for the new building.  Nicholas Hare Architects, who also designed the Bob and Tamar Manoukian Production Workshop on the site, have been appointed to carry out the design work.

This is an exciting opportunity and creates even stronger links between the Royal Opera House and the local community in Thurrock through a unique partnership with South Essex College. As well as the storage and making of costumes for Royal Opera House productions, there will be permanent workrooms specifically for students, with opportunities for training with the Royal Opera House.

The Centre will house the majority of our costumes used in the current opera and ballet repertory and also costumes from obsolete productions so that designers can look through the available stock with a view to refashioning items for new productions. We will also make and repair more costumes in-house, relieving some of the need to outsource work, making our practices more efficient and sustainable.

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