Friday, December 2, 2022

Sign of the moving times

WHEN most shops or businesses move to better premises, they stick a sign in the window saying they are moving, not South Essex College!

The College’s current Thurrock Campus at Woodview is moving to a new £45 million campus in the heart of Grays town centre and opens to new and returning students next September. Head of Marketing and Communications at the College, Michael Bennett, explained why the College had decided on the giant sign.

“The new campus in Grays will be a massive change and improvement for our courses, our students and local people so we wanted a massive sign to quite literally shout about it from the rooftops. We had one of the highest rooftops around so it made perfect sense.

“We’ve started promoting the new campus and young people, their parents and local businesses are really starting to get excited about it. This new sign is about raising awareness about the new campus as there are still some people who think we aren’t moving to a state-of-the-art new site. With a sign so high it can be seen quite a distance so it is just another way of getting our message across.”

The new Thurrock Campus in Grays town centre will September 2014 will include restaurants, health facilities, shops and an advice centre. There will also be specialist workshop and studio spaces linked to courses for technology, media and creative arts, and facilities for art, design, logistics, engineering and IT courses.



  1. The extra security guards and police in Grays town centre needed to look after all the college students need a mention too!

  2. I feel truly sorry for people that will be living in Grays when this opens. Particularly South Grays and Grays Town Centre. When the reality of life behind the big shiny new building is realised, people will be less enthusiastic. I suppose the takeaways and news agents that sell fags and rolling papers will be over the moon.


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