Friday, April 19, 2024

Grays Ath defeat attempt to wind-up company

RYMAN Premier League side Grays Athletic today fended off a winding-up moves brought against it by an Essex sporting goods retailer at London’s High Court.

One of the country’s top insolvency judges, Registrar Sally Barber, formally dismissed the petition brought by Chelmsford-based sporting goods retailer Prokit UK against the club on request from Prokit’s lawyers.

Josephine Spratt-Dawson, representing Prokit, said that the debt that had given rise to the petition had now been “paid in full”.

Club official Joel Nathan said: “While the club dispute liability and have applied to set aside the order upon which the petition was based (given in the club’s absence) the decision was taken to discharge the petition debt without admission of liability as quite simply (a) it was the most economical course of action and (b) resulted in the petition being dismissed immediately rather than adjourned on directions for a period of possibly several months, notwithstanding the petitioners ill founded demands for payment of additional sums it was not entitled to.

“On the basis that the matter is still subject to court proceeding the club must reserve its position.”


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