Saturday, December 2, 2023

West Tilbury WI: Feb report

By Joy Ridgwell

PRESIDENT Margaret Clamp welcomed Tony Hogger from Occasions Cake Studio as our speaker this month.

Tony has been designing and decorating cakes for over thirty years and he brought two of his cakes to show members the best way to decorate and how to cut it the cake without making it lopsided.

It’s easy when you know how. Everyone was given a greaseproof paper cutout to make an icing bag, He demonstrated how to make the pink roses that were to decorate the top after putting the loops and patterns and ribbon on the first cake all the colours are labeled as Tony admits to being colour blind so he sees them differently, the second one was a children’s delight decorated with Kit and Kat and Maltese’s ‘. This was a very informative talk and demonstration especially as the cakes were given to the WI for their evenings raffle.

Joanne Phillips has been to the meetings for the arrangements of the WI Centenary Celebration’s to be held at Tilbury Cruise Terminal in December ,this will be a big occasion with everyone from all over the country invited to join us.

It will be a busy year for West Tilbury as it is their turn for the Convening of the WI Spring Group meeting at Tilbury Community Centre on the 15th April. Also arranging the Carol service at St Catherine’s Church East Tilbury 16th December and various outings throughout the year.

Competition: This was won by Jane Woodman with her decorated cup cake. Raffle: The cake prizes were won by Julie Adams and Grace Patch, others by Joanne Phillips and Lorna Jones West Tilbury welcomes new members Next meeting March 4th at West Tilbury Village Hall 7pm -9-30pm Speaker : May Vaclavik with a talk on Bats


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