Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Eat better … start better

THE return of public health responsibilities to local councils is already showing results, says Thurrock’s health portfolio holder Barbara Rice.

She was praising the Eat Better, Start Better programme which involved the public health and early years teams rolling out the initiative across the borough.

The scheme saw 35 healthy cooking sessions held with 249 parents or carers taking part, along with 14 community food activities which involved a further 182 other family members.

Overall the programme reached 431 parents and carers in the Children’s Food Trust-run programme supporting healthier food provision, increasing the food, nutrition and healthy cooking knowledge, skills and confidence of families with young children and practitioners and providers too.

Cllr Rice said: “So far the programme has increased food, nutrition and healthy cooking knowledge, skills and confidence as well as improving healthier food provision for children aged one to five.

“It is essential our youngest residents get the best possible start and that good nutritional habits are formed at the earliest stage in a child’s life. This will help ensure better health throughout life.”

She added: “This programme also includes cookery classes for parents, who often are busy balancing child care with work, or on a low budget and need some advice on how to prepare wholesome balanced meals that are affordable.

“Both teams need to be congratulated on reaching so many families – and there’s more to come too.”

There will be a volunteer event in April for anybody who would like to get more involved in helping the Thurrock’s youngest residents achieve the best nutritional outcomes – to register e-mail

eatbetterThe council will also be training more volunteers to deliver the programme in the coming months.


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