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Council claim they are ‘Leading the country” in fight against mould

THURROCK’S housing portfolio holder says the council is leading the country in tackling damp and mould in its homes, targeting £2 million at the issue.

Cllr Val Morris-Cook said: “There’s been a long-standing neglect of council homes – not just in Thurrock, but across the country – but we’re the first council to actually grasp the nettle and act.

“Because we have said we want to rid all of our homes of damp and mould and because we are investing millions over five years to ensure every one of the council’s houses and flats is top quality, we have raised expectations among our tenants.

“We expect better and they expect better – and so they tell us it shows we’re doing something.

“I’d particularly like to thank Deirdrie Lodge. Her campaigning has highlighted this issue and how prevalent the problem is in the council’s homes.”

Cllr Morris-Cook said 979 tenants had reported either a damp, a mould, or a damp and mould issue in the current financial year, just under ten per cent of the total housing stock, with the most affected homes in Tilbury, South Ockendon and Grays.

She said: “We have dedicated £2 million to tackling damp and mould and so far this year we’ve spent £305,000 of that money, including full remedial works to 56 homes.

“But there are many causes of damp and mould – ranging from structural issues and defects to poor ventilation – and each needs a different solution.

“This means work has to be done to identify the problem before remedial work can even start and we have already carried out around 200 damp surveys and more are on the way.”


  1. This article is a slap in the face for the thousands of Tenants that are living with mould. I am speachless and unable to comment further.
    Mould Campaigner Deirdre Lodge

  2. If Thurrock is leading the country – what on earth is the state of council homes in the rest of the country? Time to expand the Thurrock anti-mould campaign nationwide?

  3. Wow if leaving a family with 2 children with damp and asbestos in their home since october is Leading The Fight Against Mould I Feel Sorry For Rest Of Council Tenants .

  4. I would like to ask what planet does Val Morris-Cook live on. She quotes “There’s been a long standing neglect of Council homes – not just in Thurrock” what she failed to say is “There’s been a long standing neglect of Thurrock Council tenants which continues to this day” Why is it that a tenant I have helped has had to battle with Thurrock Council for 2 years with a major issue with their home. I got involved and thankfully this property has now been pulled forward and major works are now due to start in this property. Under the Capital Investment Programme this property would have been worked on in year 3. I might add to date the original major issue raised is still on going as the tenant has to wait for yet another surveyor to “survey” and report back. Under this Labour run council there appears to be so much money wasted by repeat surveys. why is it that tenants ring Thurrock Council only to be told that they have no record of the tenants outstanding repairs? Why is it that some tenants have been told that the surveyor has now left and your information has “gone missing” oh and you need to have another surveyor call to waste some more time and money. Why is it that under the Capital Investment Programme a contractor disposed of plaster which resulted in blocking a tenants drain and why is it that when this tenant reported this to Thurrock Council when the drain was overflowing due to a blockage the tenant was told it’s nothing to do with them and they needed to speak with the Contractor, why is the contractor told the tenant it’s nothing to do with them and speak with Thurrock Council, why is it it took 7 weeks to resolve a blocked drain? Why is it this Val Morris-Cook rattles on. I would really do worry that some of the works being carried out under the Capital Investment Programme will be re-addressed due to poor standards of work costing even more perhaps Val Morris-Cook would like to step off her planet and visit ours and get in the real world!

  5. Tez, I agree with your comments, you have voiced them perfectly. On Tuesday I had my sixth surveyor come round only to tell me he was not qualified to access my mould, funny thing is I sent TBC a survey last year that I had done by one of the leading top surveyors in the country which seems to have been ignored!! I find it very disappointing that Val has used my name in her article to boast her acheivments that simply are not working. I do wonder where her information comes from. you would be well advised Val to get your boots on the ground and find out the true negligence that TBC has and are inflicting upon their tenant’s, the responsibility lays at your door, in the real world Val its called incompetence.

  6. My council property not only has damp but also asbestos and yet the council have stated they are happy for me and my children to live in this property . I would like to ask how they would feel if their children and grand children were living in the state and environment that these council properties are in and I bet the answer is no .

  7. I was told by my local housing officer that my property was unfit for anyone to live in it and they continued to allow me to live in the property! I was left to live in a damp property that also had asbestos, can i just add that I was not aware that I had asbestos and I have been scrumbing the damp of the asbestos wall totally unaware!

    I was made to wait for damps works to be carried out on the property and was told about this £2 million for damp ages ago and that the reason I had to wait was because they want to do a job lot on all the damp properties in the block. I waited and waited, they did works to all the other flats, new tenants moved in…They left me….But guess what the damp works where not done as I was asked by a tenant in one of the flats that had the works done ‘how do I clean mould of the wall’

  8. I really do think that Thurrock Council need to look closer to home and start fighting the mould within their own walls, Val Morris Cook is one rotten apple they could start with!


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