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Review: Tunnels lead to light and the sight of delight!

tunnelsTUNNELS by Frozen Light

At The Zinc Arts Centre in Chipping Ongar

Reviewed by Thurrock Lifestyle Solutions

NOW and again, a theatrical performance comes along that leaves you so impressed with the quality of the performance, with the delivery, with the stunning use of every sense, so as to leave the audience stunned, surprised and truly inspired.

Tunnels by the Frozen Light theatre company is such a performance.

This middle-aged grumpy reviewer is not the ideal person to send along to a show which needs all the audience to interact but this reviewer was delighted to be involved. But this was “audience participation” like no other. The audience is made up of young people with a complex set of needs. At the end of the show, you felt you got to know a little bit more about them. You also left with tremendous admiration for their carers.

Tunnels is a dark underground adventure which follows Lana as she searches for the light that has disappeared from her city. Lana is enticed into the Tunnels by the mysterious Cardini a creature of the underground who shows Lana the intriguing and exciting world that lies just meters under the city in which she lives.

What images does the reviewer still have in their head, less than 24 hours after seeing it? Light, sight, touch, taste, water, texture, sound and vision and then light again.

In a performance that does its best to incorporate the expression of so much, the producers also excel at keeping to the basics: a story that makes sense, songs that are good, excellent production values and top bongo playing. Oh and they can sing as well.

If there was ever a production that should come to every area in the country then this was it.

The trio of actors, Lucy Garland, Amber Onat Gregory and Al Watts compliment each other perfectly and exude an energy and passion throughout the performance.

We do hope that the Frozen Light come back to the area. Seeing, hearing, touching, feeling is..believing.


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