UKIP triumph as Labour lose control of Thurrock Council

A TRIUMPHANT night for UKIP as they gain seats all over the borough. They gained Aveley, Belhus, Ockendon, Stifford, Stanford East and Corringham Town. The result makes it a No Overall Control for the council.

The next meeting will be on June 11th when the power decisions will be made.

Present state of council
Lab: 23
Cons 18

Aveley and Uplands

Maggie O’Keefe-Ray (UKIP) 1085
Theresa Webster (Cons) 683
Cliff Holloway (Lab) 372
John Livermore (Lib Dem) 161

Maj: 402


Chris Baker (UKIP) 1,169
Wendy Curtis (Lab) 763
Gary Collins (Cons) 285
Paul Burton (Lib Dems) 47

Maj: 406

Turnout: 32%

Chadwell St Mary

Barbara Rice (Lab) 1019
Kevin Wheeler (UKIP) 909
Steven Cole (Cons) 333
Tracy Rowe (Lib Dem) 45

Maj: 120

Grays Riverside

Martin Kerin (Lab) 853
Michael Wager (UKIP) 699
Scott Benton (Cons) 386
Kevin Mulroue (Lib Dems) 89

Maj: 154

Turnout: 27.3%

Grays Thurrock

Michael Stone (Lab) 945
John Legg (UKIP) 806
Michelle Macadangdang (Cons) 416
Thomas Davis (National Front) 51
Ebube Akueme (Lib Dems) 46

Maj: 139

Little Thurrock Blackshots

Ben Maney (Cons) 779
Peter Smith (UKIP) 736
Leo Milan-Vega (Lab) 302
Claire Jones (Lib Dems) 85

Maj: 43

Little Thurrock Rectory

Rob Gledhill (Cons) 703
Victoria Woodman (UKIP) 564
Ella Vine (Lab) 445
Natalie Butcher (Lib Dems) 47

Maj: 139

Turnout: 39%


Jan Baker (UKIP) 1203
Lynn Carr (Cons) 789
Terry Brookes (Lab) 556
James Lepine (Lib Dems) 67

Maj: 214


Brian Little (Cons) 1013
Clive Broad (UKIP) 747
Roisin Hewitt (Lab) 277
Matthew Orbell (Lib Dems) 38

Maj: 265

South Chafford

Tunde Ojetola (Cons) 560
Felton Flavius (Lab) 347
Rex Ovire (Lib Dem) 44
Torren Snell (UKIP) 328

Maj: 213

Turnout: 27%

Stanford East and Corringham Town

Roy Jones (UKIP): 1,012
Phil Anderson (Cons): 805
Linda Hall (Lab) 653

Maj: 207

38% turnout

Stifford Clays

Graham Snell (UKIP) 780
Angie Gaywood (Lab) 736
Abbie Maguire (Cons) 536
Scott Stammers (Lib Dems) 32

Maj: 44

The Homesteads

James Halden (Cons) 1153
Peter Prendegast (UKIP) 1018
Jennifer Smith (Lab) 509

Maj: 135

Tilbury Riverside and Thurrock Park

Bukky Okunade (Lab): 489
Richard Newbold (UKIP) 463
Keith Hatcher (Cons) 257
Mick Griffin (National Front) 59
Luke Tyson (Lib Dems) 30

Maj: 26

Tilbury St Chads

Steve Liddiard (Lab) 502
James Mower (UKIP) 484
Angela Bolesworth (Cons) 149
David Shirley (Lib Dems) 13

West Thurrock and South Stifford

Andy Smith (Lab) 1054
Maurice Kelly (UKIP) 760
John Rowles (Cons) 340
Matthew Parker (Lib Dems) 73

Maj: 294


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