Athletics: 500 take on the Horndon 10K

OVER 500 runners turned out for this the ‘toughest’ 10K in Essex.

The race got underway from the now famous Blue Rotary Arch at 11 am sharp.

This gruelling course, with a tough up hill climb in the first section saw one runner collapse at around the 6k mark with heat exhaustion, thankfully St John’s were on hand to assist and get the runner to hospital for treatment.

Some 32min 46secs later saw no. 279 Blair McWhirter cross the finish line to win the 2014 10K Road Race.

The winning lady Anne Jenkinson came in at an incredible 42m 55 sec. Second was was Danielle Thomas with Amanda Heslegrave third.

Matthew Woodman-(34m50sec-left)2nd & Chris Wayman-(35m18sec-right) 3rd Males are pictured horn10with Club President Karen Sayers-Irving with their trophies presented to them at The Bell courtyard after the event.

The Club would like to thank all the runners for taking part and their ‘patience’ after the run whilst results were collated.
(full results available @

Also a massive thank you to all Club members, their families and Pupils of Gable Hall and Hassenbrook Schools for their support in the organisation and management of this most successful event…

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