Polly goes back to the Convent to encourage girls to chase “hopes and dreams”.

FORMER CONVENT girl and Thurrock Labour candidate Polly Billington visited Grays Convent.

Polly led a whole school assembly encouraging girls to think about the hopes and dreams that they have for their futures and how to plan the steps that will make these hopes and dreams a reality.

Pupils listened with interest to Polly’s story of how she made the decision to become a Parliamentary candidate and the route she had taken to get to this point in her career, including working for the BBC as a reporter on Radio 1’s Newsbeat.

Polly went on to lead all Year 10 pupils in a workshop designed to encourage them to think about what they might like to change in their school, local community or even at a global level.

The girls reflected in groups on people who have changed the world, and analysed how they had achieved the change they wanted to see. They used these examples to plan their own campaign to create a better future.

Finally, representatives of each group were expected to speak for one minute on their chosen campaign, something Polly said all MPs would be expected to do. Polly was impressed with the positive attitudes and work ethic of all Year 10 pupils.

Dawn Collis, deputy headteacher, said: “Polly is a great friend and supporter of Grays Convent; it is always a joy to work with her. Today she has generated a real buzz of excitement amongst our girls and has helped them to go out and build a better society. 1’d like to thank Polly for giving so freely of her time in a very busy work schedule. She is a great role model for our girls and I look forward to her next visit.”

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