Labour candidate Polly: “Govt. has come to its senses over A13”

THURROCK’S parliamentary candidate, Polly Billington has praised the government for “coming to its senses” over the A13.

Ms Billington said: “Finally this government has come to its senses and delayed its final decision about the Thames Crossing. Just as Thurrock Labour have been arguing from the beginning, there won’t be any decision made until the impact of free flow tolling has been assessed.

“It would be even better if they further agreed to delay until the improvements to Junctions 30 and 31 were also completed and their impact understood. It would be sensible to revisit the original arguments for whether we need a new crossing at all as well as consider other location options. This government has carried on regardless for years, insisting this crossing is needed, telling residents it is “too complicated” to explain why and riding roughshod over local opinion.

“Neither option A through Purfleet and Aveley or Option C through Chadwell and Orsett is desirable. No opportunities for the local population to benefit from such a massive scheme have been proposed and we are all aware that air quality risks getting worse, noise pollution is likely to rise and our environment will suffer.

“The local Tory MPs have failed their communities for years on this: it is the sensible practical arguments of Thurrock Labour that have won out, thanks to the wide support from across the community for a reasonable approach. This should be seen as a victory for our community and common sense. but it cannot stop here. We must ensure from now on, ministers listen to us earlier and respond to our concerns about the impact of such a huge project”.

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