Is this the most enterprising street in Thurrock?

WE are kept being told that Thurrock is “Open for business” and that this is the hub for economic regeneration. These are, on many fronts, exciting times (let us put the £40 million pounds worth of council cuts to the side for a moment).

However, what about down on the streets of Thurrock. Over the next few weeks, YT will be looking at various aspects of business life in Thurrock.

Whilst we were researching a number of articles, we could not help noticing the amount of companies based in a small cul-de-sac in Grays.

The street is Conway Gardens, that sits off Argent Street.

Here are just a few of the companies:

Wonderz Limited
Herik Gilmore Investment Limited
Wilo Healthcare Limited
MCC Care Limited
Study Dreams Limited
KT Jud Ltd
Argent Street E-management Ltd
Earth It Solutions Ltd
Ma4 Ltd
Crisbit Ltd
Ppb Services Ltd
Rmf Delivery Services Ltd
Earth-it Solutions

They are all from different addresses (in case you thought they were all c/o addresses at an accountants etc.)

If this is what we found in a ten minute search, then how many sole traders and other entrepreneurs are also based down there?

We intend to find out more and look at the challenges they have found in business in Thurrock in 2014. Have they sought out support, do they need support and why do they think Conway is an entrepreneurial highway?


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