UKIP’s Tim Aker slams "Govt. patsy" Jackie Doyle-Price over European Arrest Warrants

THURROCK MEP Tim Aker has hit out at last night’s Conservative stitch-up on the European Arrest Warrant, arguing that it shows why the Tories cannot be trusted on the EU.

The government had promised a vote on the controversial European Arrest Warrant, but instead allowed a debate and vote on a limited number of EU opt-ins, of which the EAW was not included. in farcical scenes in the House of Commons​ the government insisted that the vote would be seen as an endorsement of a package of a opt-ins that included the EAW.

Tim Aker MEP said: “David Cameron promised a vote on the dangerous European Arrest Warrant before the Rochester and Strood by-election. Just like his cast-iron promise on a Lisbon Treaty referendum, Conservative promises quickly evaporate.

“Why should anyone trust the Tories to deliver an EU referendum after this latest shambles?

“Sadly for the people of Thurrock, instead of a Eurosceptic, independently-minded MP holding the government to account, Jackie Doyle-Price seems intent on being a government patsy. She once again voted for this farcical, shambolic state of affairs.

“Instead of fighting for Thurrock against an Arrest Warrant that allows arrest without evidence, Jackie Doyle-Price has yet again rolled over and supported whatever the government do without reservation. She has only voted against the government seven times out of nearly one thousand votes.

“This latest farce, combined with the £1.7 billion surrender to the EU, shows once again that only UKIP stands up for the British national interest.”

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