Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Council chief executive Graham Farrant secures clean up A13 guarantee from Highways Agency

GRAHAM Farrant, Thurrock Council’s chief executive has secured agreement with the Highways Agency and its contractor Connect Plus to clean up the A13 and to join forces with the council to combat those who leave the road in a mess.

Last week the chief executive brought the matter to the attention of his counterpart at the Highways Agency – Graham Dalton – saying that after raising the situation before, “your contractor responded appropriately and the situation was improved, and it has generally been maintained at a slightly higher level than it was”.

However, he continued that “This year I have been receiving an increasing volume of complaints about the state of the A13 again and it is now in the worst condition that I have ever seen“.

Mr Dalton responded by agreeing that the situation was unacceptable, that action would be taken and that the agency “would appreciate any help you can give to influence the behaviour of the drivers and others who deposit it all in the first place”.

He added that Connect Plus, the agency’s main contractor has committed to clearing the current litter problem this week, adding to the 3,327 sacks of litter already cleared from the A13 this financial year.

Mr Farrant said: “In the past we have had people on bridges taking details of open-topped lorries spreading rubbish across our borough and I’ll be suggesting that again, along with anything we can do to stop this mess.

“Working with the Highways Agency is always something I would encourage and I shall be getting back to Mr Dalton to explore the agency’s proposals in more detail.”

Thurrock Council is responsible for the A13 from the Dock Approach Road east to the Five Bells intersection. The Highways Agency controls and cleans the road from Wennington and then down the Dock Approach to the Asda roundabout.


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