Monday, October 3, 2022

The sad consequences of HMS Clan McNaughton

WITH war there is the tragedy of war and then there is the tragedy of the consequences of war.

On Feb 3rd, 1915, HMS Clan MacNaughton sank with 261 souls on board. Close to 40 men were from Thurrock.

It was the single greatest loss of Thurrock lives in a single day during the Great War.

But below is a sad story of what happened to the widow of Horace Redshaw (29) from Clarence Road in Grays.

His widow, Emily Redshaw (nee Rumble) was left to cope with four children. Two of the children (James and Maud) sadly died in tragic circumstances leading to the mother been charged with manslaughter by wilful neglect and the other two been taken away and place in homes.

The two other boys were taken away from her and placed in an Orsett workhouse.

The boys were called Frederick and Horace.

In 1925, Horace, aged 17, went off to Brisbane. Horace turned to the church, eventually obtaining Holy Orders

Frederick moved to Devon.

We think Emily remarried and had four more children. Sadly, one of them died in WW2.

It is just a snapshot but it gives you a little insight into the hardship suffered when the breadwinner dies.


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