Sunday, October 2, 2022

Twenty bags full on Stanford-le-Hope clean up day

TWENTY bags of rubbish were collected by community during Community Spring Clean Up Day in Stanford le Hope last Saturday.

The litter picking took place in the town centre. It took two hours for eight people to collect 20 bags of rubbish, which were dumped on the ground.

Ella Vine, the organiser and Labour’s candidate in local election said: ‘’I am pleased that we had such a great response from the community and I would like to thank everyone for helping. We have been able to clean only a very small part of the town centre but collected 20 bags of rubbish! I think it makes all of us realise how important is that everyone treats our public spaces with respect and throw away rubbish to waste bins or take them with themselves.

"We don’t want to live in rubbish, we don’t want to work in rubbish, we should be keeping our communities clean. The areas we have cleaned do not belong to the council, they are private areas which are not cleaned appropriately or where nobody claims responsibility to clean them.

"The council crew’s does a brilliant job cleaning council land in the town centre every morning. We should be thankful to the people who do it every day, in freezing cold, regardless of the weather, as it is a very hard job and it must be disheartening to them coming back every day to the same place and seeing it covered in rubbish again and again. I take my hat off to those people.

I think we all have a role to play in keeping our communities tidy. A behavioural change is needed if we don’t want to be covered in rubbish. With spending cuts from the government we cannot expect the council to be spending our hard earned money on clearing rubbish, which others carelessly dump.

"Recent research shows that nationally local authorities spend almost billion pounds on clearing fly tipping. Nationally, there is an increase of 20% of fly-tipping and in fast food fly-tipping and 35% of all fly-tipping is cigarette rubbish. If we all bear this in mind we could take a better care to keep our communities tidier and decrease the public bill.

"The parliament is considering new powers to local authorities to deal with this problem, like greater responsibility on local busies and shops, like fast foods, in keeping areas around them tidy and I definitely support it. We all need to take responsibility to help behavioural change and in creating a culture where fly-tipping is unacceptable as anti-social behaviour’’.


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