Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Labour candidate for Stanford Ella Vine backs Labour childcare

ELLA Vine, a mum of a six-year old from Thurrock and Labour’s candidate in the upcoming local election in Stanford le Hope, is backing Labour’s plans to lower childcare costs for working families.

Ella has been campaigning within the Labour Party for a policy that will ease parents’ struggle with paying for childcare and the Labour Party has pledged in its Manifesto to help with childcare costs to working families: the increase from 15 to 25 hours a week of free childcare to all 3, 4 and 5 year olds where parents are at work.

Ella says:

‘’There were times when my son was in a nursery and I was spending almost all of my wages on childcare. It was horrendous. It really put my family near the poverty line. When you add in the cost of commuting to work I had almost no money left from my salary.

“Childcare costs can be higher than mortgage payments and in Thurrock it can be more than £1,000 a month per child. I know so many mothers from Thurrock who want to work but the childcare costs make it impossible for them to do so. That is why I have been campaigning within the Labour Party for a policy to lower childcare costs for working families.

“This policy will provide support to working families and working single parents and all those who want to return to work. It will enable parents, especially mothers, into work if they choose to and will help reducing family poverty. The best part of this policy is that it will pay for itself from the tax revenue of working parents resulting in less benefit expenditure.

“If we will have a Labour government this policy will become a law and I will be so proud seeing families in Stanford le Hope and the rest of Thurrock benefiting from it.”​


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