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The politics of revenge?

THE gleeful waving of “order papers” accompanied by loud cheering from the Conservative benches at the conclusion of the budget speech has barely subsided before MPs, yet again, demonstrate how little they are prepared to sacrifice or suffer in the cause of economic recovery whilst at the same time imposing harsh austerity measures resulting in hardship and suffering for us “plebs”.

Mr Osborne claims the Conservative Party is the “Party for hard working people” and there may be some truth in his claim if by “working people” he means those who have well paid jobs, he also has the effrontery to continue to state “we are all in this together” an example of this “togetherness” being a 1% cap on pay increases for public sector workers for the next 4 years but an immediate increase of 10% to the pay of MPs.

Predictably we are treated to the usual wringing of hands and the protestations that this pay rise is being “imposed” upon them and they are obliged to accept it, as to reject it would be morally, possibly legally, wrong, how convenient for them. We are told the UK economic recovery is at risk if we increase the pay of public sector workers by more than the 1% Mr Osborne has decided the country can afford over the next 4 years.

If that be so how come the country can afford to pay MPs 10% more, are they not also public sector workers their wages and expenses coming from the public “purse” i.e. the taxpayer? If a 1% pay increase is deemed the maximum the country can afford then it should be applied to all public sector workers, including MPs that is what “we are all in this together” truly means also it would be fair to all.

There will be some who will accuse me of “preaching the politics of envy” it being the usual response of some MPs to criticism about their pay and expenses. In my opinion the past 5 years has seen a Conservative led Government practicing vengeful politics and it is their intention to continue doing so for the next 5 years. The Conservatives have succeeded in turning one section of society upon another with comments such as “workers and shirkers”.

They have demonised anyone in receipt of welfare benefits, they have relentlessly pursued and persecuted the mentally ill and disabled, they have exploited the unemployed, especially the young, with schemes such as “workfare” forcing them to work without payment, they have persisted with the “bedroom” tax, they have emasculated the trade unions and demonised them as “the enemy within” the list goes on and on.

If Conservative MPs consider they are justified in accusing me and likeminded people of preaching the politics of envy I consider I am equally justified in accusing them of practicing the politics of revenge.

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