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Key meeting for East Tilbury residents over planning bids

PLANS revealed in a recent public consultation exercise by development consultants Iceni Pro- jects could see thousands of new homes being built on farmland surrounding East Tilbury and Linford claim the local community forum leaders.

A spokesperson said:

"Apart from spoiling the semi-rural nature of our community the plans would place increased pres- sure on already overstretched local health services, schools, roads, the East Tilbury level crossing and local shops. Iceni are telling residents that a new road bridge could be built to ease the pressure

on the level crossing, but there is no guarantee that this could happen, and if a new road were constructed it could go right through the Linford Recreation Ground.

Iceni Projects are working on behalf of Cogent Land, who have aquired rights to build on the land if they

"Iceni have been seeking the views of local people through a questionnaire and series of workshops, and the vast majority of local people have voiced their opposition to the plans, so it’s important for the community to come together collectively and cam- paign against the proposals.

"The areas affected are the farmers fields bordering Princess Margaret Road and Love Lane in East Til- bury, and fields on either side of Muckingford Road backing on to Beechcroft Avenue and Lower Crescent. A map of the areas affected is on the back of this newsletter. The developers are holding a public exhi- bition next month and will be submitting a planning application to the Council around the end of the year. The

WELCOM Community Forum is calling a meeting at the East Tilbury Community Sports Hall – in the grounds of the East Tilbury Primary School – to give everyone a chance to have their say.

There will be a Residents Meeting at 7.30 on Friday 16th October at East Tilbury Primary School Sports Hall for all residents of East & West Tilbury and Linford


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