Thameside Pantomime: Sleeping Beauty leaves the audience happy

A PACKED audience were thrilled by the production of Sleeping Beauty at the Thameside Theatre on Saturday night.

One of the key trademarks of a Polka Dot Productions pantomime is the importance of a panto that appeals to everyone and looking around the audience there were four-year-olds thrilled by the panto as well as happy pensioners.

The performance begins with Fairy Nuff played by Big Brother star Sam Kay who sparkles her fairy dust over the audience as the story begins.

Adam Borzone plays Nanny Nora and he soon finds the stooge in the audience to play off much creating much hilarity in the audience.

The panto is greatly aided by the presence of TV star, Jeff Brazier who as Prince ‘Arry of Aveley brings a warmth and charm to his role.

It is slapstick that really gets the little ones laughing and they were not disappointed with Chester the Jester played by Richard Brindley and Nanny Nora involved in a series of set pieces that got the kiddies laughing.

But the panto is called Sleeping Beauty and the audience were treated to a charming performance by Natalie Waters as Princess Aurora.

The dance numbers were perfectly choreographed with style and panache filling the stage with Carabosse’s Crew, Beauty’s Bestie’s and Jester’s Jewels.

There is also a very impressive monster in the middle of the panto that had the little ones enthralled.

There was also very clever use of special effects that has also become a trademark of a Polka Dot pantomimes an had many members of the audience asking: "How do they do that?"

After a wonderful finale, the audience streamed out of the theatre very happy, believing that their Christmas had well and truly begun.

So, get along to the Thameside Theatre in Grays and enjoy the Sleeping Beauty pantomime.

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