Thursday, February 2, 2023

GCSE exam results: How well did your school do?

THE final government league tables for GCSE results have been published today (Jan 21st).

Even thought initial results came out in August, a number of factors (appeals etc) meant that the final confirmed results are not published until January.

Here is the final list.

Gateway Academy in Tilbury is one of 326 schools that have fallen below the Government’s floor targets after failing to ensure that enough pupils gained five good GCSE grades and made sufficient progress in English and maths.

1. Harris Academy: 84%

2. Grays Convent: 70%

3. Gable Hall: 58%

4. William Edwards: 57%

5. St Clere’s: 49%

6. Hassenbrook: 48%

7. Hathaway Academy: 46%

8.Ockendon Academy: 44%

9.Ormiston Park Academy: 40%

10. Gateway Academy: 38%


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