Letter to Editor: New Thames Crossing will "Kill Thurrock"

Dear Editor,

I strongly object to the proposed Routes for Option C Lower Thames Crossing.

Thurrock has been blighted by the congestion of one major river crossing, mineral extraction works and landfill sites and the associated heavy lorries for many years and more recently the increased congestion caused by DP World. How on earth will our tiny country lanes deal with the tremendous HGV traffic associated with moving millions of tons of earth and concrete. Again, it appears that this particular area is being targeted despite strong opposition from all party councillors and residents.

Routes 3 & 4 in particular will destroy the few Green Belt and agricultural areas left in Thurrock, the fragile eco-system and wildlife remaining and cause urban decay and further diminished standards of living for residents.

Environmental Health Experts have proven that air pollution is responsible for over 23,000 premature deaths in the UK each year, including lung disease, stroke and increased risk of heart attack, some cancers and pregnancy complications and yet, despite the pollution from the existing impacts mentioned, they are intent on making our exposure to this risk greater than ever! In fact, specifically sacrificing Thurrock residents to potential earlier death and/or acute diseases.

Their own Summary Business Plan shows indisputably that for the last 10 years, year on year, use of the existing crossing has decreased and quote unsubstantiated statements about possible economic growth to the area, quoting vague methodologies, but no evidence.

If there is any justice or democracy left for the people of this country, and in particular this borough, and if this truly is a “Consultation” I would like these issues taken strongly into account by Highways England, The Secretary of State for Transport and the Prime Minister before this goes any further.

I do not think it is overstating the fact that “People may well DIE as a result of the decision of this Option C”.

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