Thurrock Tory leader "loses his shirt" over budget argument

THE LEADER OF the Thurrock Conservative group at Thurrock Council was rebuked by Labour and UKIP over his criticisms of budget proposals for Thurrock.

Cllr Rob Geldhill spoke in response to the leader of Thurrock Council. cllr John Kent’s proposals.

His speech praised the work of officers but also pointed to what can happen when you

"turn off the taxpayer taps"

Cllr Gledhill pointed to a number of expenditures in the council accounts including a £3,000 payment to topless dancers at the Thameside Theatre.

But both Labour and UKIP councillors rounded on the shadow leader.

UKIP leader, cllr Graham Snell criticised the leader stating that, despite several budget meetings, this was the first time any of these criticisms had been heard.

These criticisms were echoed by Thurrock Councils’s deputy leader, cllr Barbara Rice (31 mins).

Cllr Gledhill’s contribution begins from 13 minutes onwards in the film below.

His deputy leader, cllr James Halden’s contribution is from 25 minutes onwards.

YT understands that the act cllr Gledhill was referring to was "Forbidden Nights". We believe the night in question made a profit in excess of a thousand pounds.

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