Thurrock Council give Grandmaster Bass the message!

ESSEX’S leading councillor for roads latest comment on the proposed Thames crossing has sparked a response from Thurrock Council Leader, Cllr John Kent.

Cllr Rodney L Bass, county hall’s cabinet member for infrastructure issued a statement on Tuesday (15 March) backing Option C Route 3 and urging the government to make the decision quickly.

Cllr Kent said: "Rodney’s all-seeing eye seems to have got a bit myopic as he talks about ‘roughly 25,000 jobs and some 21,000 new homes in Essex and Kent by 2031’.

"Yet Highways England themselves only talk about 5,000 jobs nationally at a cost of £1.2 million each, and here in Thurrock alone – outside of Rodney’s compass of course – we are looking at creating over 20,000 jobs far sooner than 2031, along with thousands of new homes at Purfleet, Lakeside and elsewhere.

"Cllr Bass claims his authority will continue to work ‘closely with Kent’ – no mention of Thurrock – which will ‘greatly benefit all the communities we represent’; yet again showing the distain and contempt those at county hall have and always have had for our borough.

"I’m not sure why he thinks he is the great architect or grand master crafting out our future, he should concentrate on issues closer to home.

"He should come clean and admit his authority has no interest in the future of Thurrock, his interest lodges fair and square well to the north of us."

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