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Review: Thurrock Council sees the beauty in Frankenstein

DESPITE Wednesday night’s dismal weather it was great to see over two hundred people at High House Production Park to see the live broadcast of the ballet Frankenstein.

It was the sixth BP Big Screen performance with plenty going on to keep people occupied and interested before the performance was beamed live from Covent Garden.

YT asked Thurrock Council leader, cllr John Kent for his impressions of the night.

Cllr Kent said: "To me these events showcase our increasing involvement in and links with some of the world’s best artistic performers and performances, and the building of these links over the past six years is something I am really proud of.

Seeing so many people wrapped up in the Royal Ballet’s performance of Frankenstein while literally wrapped up in plastic or waterproof clothing and sitting in the orchard at High House Production Park shows we are getting there.

I can remember when High House was known for its historic but dilapidated dovecote and barns, yet now it ranks alongside Trafalgar Square; Canary Wharf;The Piazza, Warwick University; and Duthie Park, Aberdeen, as places where theBP Big Screens are held regularly.

And it’s not only here in Thurrock that we see the benefits. The Royal Opera House’s "Made in Thurrock" label travels the world on sets and scenery made at High House – there is literally a special label that says Made in Thurrock that goes on all the sets and scenery.

And things keep on getting better and better, bigger and bigger; not only do we have the Royal Opera House’s scenery-making headquarters here, the costume-making centre has now arrived too; the Backstage Centre and the national college is going from strength to strength, and more artists’ studios are planned.

Looking forward this amazing cultural island between the Thames and the Channel Tunnel rail link – or is that HS1? – has acted as a magnet helping bring new investment and jobs to the area … and more culture too, with the promise of a massive film and television studio complex just down the road.

And the council’s work with our partners on the Thurrock Trailblazer programme has seen 28 of the borough’s schools link with the Royal Opera House, part of our cultural entitlement promise.

Many other Thurrock people, young and old enjoy singing with the ROH’s Thurrock Community Chorus and the Big Sings events.

As I said, our involvement in and links with some of the best artistic communities in the world is something I am proud of and something everybody who lives here should feel proud of too.


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