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Thurrock in 1916-A little overcrowding problems with the Belgians

Some issues on the agenda of the Tilbury Urban District Council Meeting held on Monday 1st May 1916.

As reported in the Grays & Tilbury Gazette dated 6th May 1916.

ACCOUNTS – The Finance Committee recommended payment of accounts amounting to £460.1s.9d., making a total overdraft of £1,640.16s.5d. During May it was anticipated that £2,500 would be paid in to the Council’s account. – The report was adopted on the motion of the Chairman.

POSTAL FACILITIES – The Housing Committee recommended that application be made to the Post Office authorities for one or two pillar boxes to be placed in the vicinity of the new estate. – Adopted on the motion of Mr. Ryder.

NO DOGS ALLOWED – The Housing Committee, reporting regarding applications for tenancies in the Council’s new houses, recommended that certain applicants be informed of the rules against keeping animals on the premises; that one application be deferred, the prospective tenant being told he could not keep rabbits and fowls; and that another application be rejected, as the person wished to keep a dog on the premises. – Approved.

HEALTH REPORT = The Medical Officer of Health reported that there had been only one case of German measles during the month. There had been five births during April. – The report was received.

SANITATION – The Sanitary Inspector reported that the district was still absolutely clear of infectious disease. With regard to scavenging complaints he had written the contractor, telling him not to bring any more refuse to his tips from other districts. He had had cause to warn him about tipping refuse on the old shoot just north of the housing site. With regard to the latter, he understood the contractor was writing to the Council, as he might have to stop tipping on the shoot in the North Ward at any time. The Sanitary Inspector also presented a supplementary report, stating that the refuse contractor was still disregarding the Council’s instructions not to bring in refuse from other districts or to use the old dust shoot. He had also received a complaint from Chadwell St Mary regarding the non-use of disinfectants by the contractor carrying out the emptying of cesspools there, although a 40 gallon cask of carbolic fluid had been supplied, but never opened.

The Clerk also read a letter from the refuse contractor explaining that the landlord of his farm had prohibited from shooting refuse on his land there. He was, therefore, using the old shoot and burning the paper etc so as to avoid a nuisance. Mr Feenan observed that the contractor seemed to ignore their instructions. Mr Pickett considered he had no business to bring Little Thurrock refuse into their area. The Chairman agreed that it was a serious matter and the sooner they had a refuse destructor the better.

The Sanitary Inspector, replying to questions, said there was no other suitable site for a tip except the old one. It was agreed to allow the use of the old tip on condition that the paper and rubbish were burned regularly – With regard to the cesspools; it was agreed to write the contractor strongly on the point.

BELGIAN OVERCROWDING – The Sanitary Inspector reported that he had found four families of Belgians living in one house in Quebec Road and causing overcrowding. He explained to them that only two families were allowed to live in one house, and since then one family had left and another was going as soon as possible. – The report was approved and later on a letter was read from Mr Hervey, Local Government Board Inspector, stating that the Chief Constable of Essex had written complaining of the number of refugees living in the Petty Sessional Division of Grays, especially at Tilbury, many of whom were stated to be a dirty and troublesome lot. The Inspector asked for a return of refugees residing at Tilbury. – The Clerk stated that this had been sent.

NUISANCES – The Sanitary Inspector reported that during the month he had made 70 inspections, including the common lodging house, and detected 22 nuisances and served preliminary notices on the owners with the result that 16 had been abated while the work on some of the others was in hand. Three more nuisances had been abated since his last report. – Adopted.

INFANT LIFE – The Health Visitor reported that during April she had made 79 visits and three meetings of the welfare centre had been held. – Later on a letter was read from the Local Government Board appreciating the work already done and expressing satisfaction that the work of obtaining larger and better premises for the centre was receiving the consideration of the Council.

FOOD LECTURES – The Health Visitor, Miss Fay, presented a scheme for cooking lectures organised by the National Food Reform Association. – The Chairman thought these would be beneficial as the girls of Tilbury did not get a chance to learn anything except laundry work. – Mr Ryder queried if they would appeal to the women of Tilbury. The Chairman thought the married women would appreciate them. Having started the infant welfare centre they should go on and see that the growing children were properly fed. It was decided on the motion of Mr Feenan to make further inquiries into the project.


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