Saturday, April 1, 2023

Brexit: Thurrock votes to leave the European Union

THE people of Thurrock have voted to leave the European Union.

It looked like thousands of Thurrock voters had poured through the doors of the polling stations and so it was no real surprise when the result was as follows.


Remain: 27.7% (22,151)

Leave: 72.3% (57,765)

The turnout was 72.7%

It looks like Thurrock is in tune with the rest of the country the rest of the country also voting to leave the European Union.

Thurrock had the fifth highest percentage of Leave voters in the UK.

In many ways, one question has been answered but many many remain unanswered.

The whole process of leaving the EU may well take at least two years.

It looks like 52% of the nation has also voted Leave.

The vote will be good news for South Basildon and East Thurrock MP. Stephen Metcalfe, who was part of the Vote Leave group.

Thurrock MP Jackie Doyle Price may face an uncertain future as a government whip as she was part of the Remain In group.

The decision will be celebrated by Thurrock Ukip whose ver y reason to exist is the departure from the European Union.

More follows with full reactions.


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