Thames Enterprise Park: Former Thurrock Council boss warns of "uncertain times" after investors pull out

THE FORMER leader of Thurrock Council, John Kent has charged the new leaders of the bosses with making sure they keep the regeneration agenda in Thurrock on the rails.

His call comes after YT exclusively revealed that foreign investors had pulled out of the plans for the Thames Enterprise Park.

Cllr Kent said: "These are uncertain times for business generally and particularly where major investment is needed to get big projects underway before any return can be had.

"The combination of the referendum outcome and the resulting upheaval in national politics means the future of many major infrastructure projects, across the country, will be a little less certain.

"We all have to work to make sure we deliver on those essential This is why it is all the more important that Thurrock Council is out and about promoting the borough among potential investors and with Mrs May and her team – whoever that may be.

"Rob Gledhill and Garry Hague have to be seen to lead on these important issues – as did I and my team. We, the Labour administration, were busy talking, supporting, and promoting regeneration in Thurrock, helping to bring in new money, new opportunities and new jobs.

We will be watching closely to ensure they continue to do that."

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