Saturday, April 13, 2024

Performance levels at Thurrock Council to be reviewed

CABINET agreed to review all key performance indicators (KPI) at last night’s meeting (Wednesday 13 July) to better reflect issues important to residents.

There are currently a vast number of KPIs that have been used to measure performance and benchmark how Thurrock is doing compared to other Local Authorities.

Cllr Deb Stewart, Portfolio Holder for Performance, welcomed the review.

Speaking after the meeting she said: “Data isn’t always the easiest to understand – especially when there are pages and pages of numbers.

“It is extremely important to ensure we keep measuring and reporting performance on services that people are really interested in.

“I hope this review will streamline information in a way that is easier to digest and hold the council to account.”

During the meeting, Cllr Shane Hebb, Portfolio Holder for Central Services favoured including top complaints data in the review. He said: “We should use the complaints data – we know this is issues people are raising – let’s do something about it.”

Cllr Deb Stewart reassured cabinet that the top five complaint areas would be reported on going forward.

Speaking after the meeting, she added: “In addition to the planned survey in Autumn, we will also be looking at what information the council already holds.

“These will be key issues for Thurrock people and therefore should be the top figures we report on.

“We have to start being proactive – Lets start by looking at our processes and systems rather than waiting and reacting to complaints.


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