Travellers disperse from Corringham as hundreds turn up for road racing

1415 hrs

Dispersal has taken place.

Traffic is running freely. No vehicles being escorted.

YT understands that a number of police tactical details were diverted from other duties in the county.

Question now remains as to what happens tomorrow.

Update: 1315 hrs

ESSEX Police continue to police the horse and trap racing on the Manorway in Corringham.

There appears to be little attempt to use the dispersal order powers despite the bottom of the Manorway being a sea of travellers on foot, in cars and of course in a pony and trap.

Lorries are receiving a police escort up and down the road.

Police are at The Manorway in Corringham dealing with an unauthorised horse trotting event that started at just after 4am this morning (Saturday, June 30).

Around 250 people and 30 horses arrived at the location this morning.

A dispersal order was authorised for the area starting at 6am. This is being enforced by officers who are at the scene.

Supt Andy Mariner said: “When policing these sorts of events we have to remain open to using different methods to ensure the safety of all those concerned.

“We are enforcing the dispersal powers now following continued monitoring and assessment of the situation. To have enforced them earlier today would have increased the risk of public order offences occurring and would have put the public at risk. We appreciate that local residents are concerned and we are doing everything we can to ensure this passes with the minimal disruption.

“We will continue to work with the local authority and our other community partners to deal with these types of events.”

MP Stephen Metcalfe and a number of councillors remain on the scene.

LOCAL councillors and residents have expressed their anger as it appears that a traveller racing event is underway on The Manorway in Corringham.

YT understands that despite the police having a dispersal order in place, they have chosen to keep a "watching brief" as opposed to actually enforcing the dispersal order.

Stanford East and Corringham Town councillor Roy Jones (UKIP)was down at the Manorway on Saturday morning and is less than happy.

Cllr Jones said: "It appears to me that the police simply do not have the resources to enforce the dispersal order. So, in short, they do not have the resources to do their job properly.

"I want to see a properly resourced police force in Thurrock and this event exposes the fact that the cuts made to Essex Police means they are unable to do that.

"I have been "banging on about this for over a year now. The cuts imposed mean that Thurrock, which is a special case, cannot be adequately manned by the police or the fire service or indeed the ambulance service.

"if they cannot properly enforce a dispersal order, how on earth are they going to respond to an act of terrorism?

A number of residents have been down to the site and are also angry.

One resident (who did not wish to be named) said: "I spoke to an officer and they said they were just containing the situation. I told them I was in a state of fear and alarm. They replied that I should ring 101.

"This will just mean that people have even less confidence in the police."

YT has contacted Essex Police but they had not replied at time of publication.

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