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Thurrock Council and Essex Police use powers to remove traveller convoy

Essex Police has informed us that they have used Sec 61 powers (see below) to remove traveller convoy from Kilverts Field.

The notice requires then to leave by 1100 hrs (Friday).

2245 hrs

YT understands that a traveller convoy in excess of 25 vehicles have arrived at Kilverts Field having gone to Blackshots.

Update: 2130 hrs

Thurrock Council was made aware of a large unauthorised encampment that had arrived in Aveley earlier this evening.

Around 30 caravans, along with other vehicles, set up near Essex Sport Village along Purfleet Road.

The encampment, which was on private land, is being moved on and some have already left Thurrock.

Leader of the Council, Cllr Rob Gledhill said: “Thurrock Council’s Chief Executive was called around 7pm this evening by Essex Police’s Chief Superintendent who explained the situation.

“We were informed that the plan was to move the encampment after giving them one hours’ notice using section 61 police powers.

“Recently, I have been critical of Essex Police – but tonight has been a great example of how partnership working and better communication can achieve great outcomes.

Cllr Gledhill went on to explain why this can’t be the case with all unauthorised encampments. He said: “Usually, with encampments on public land, we have to follow a legal process which takes around 10 working days.

“We work with experts at the Essex County Wide Traveller Unit (ECTU) to ensure this process is followed as quickly as legally possible.

“This encampment was treated differently and separate police powers (Section 61) were used to move the encampment on in the same day.”

Cllr Gledhill was pleased with the result. He said: “Clearly, since Monday’s (1 August) meeting with senior police officials and the Local Authority, we are already working better together, for the people of Thurrock.

“It should be made clear – We try to push the police to use section 61 powers on many of Thurrock’s encampments but it is simply not possible – very particular conditions and assessments have to be made and most of the time it is not reasonable or appropriate.

“We will continue to do all that we can to help the police use other sections of the same act or other legislative powers to stop these unauthorised encampments.”

THURROCK Council have reported that there is a large unauthorised traveller encampment in Aveley.

A spokesperson went onto Twitter and said: "We are aware of a large unauthorised encampment in Aveley.

"We are working with Essex Police who are responding".


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