Kidz Fest: Thurrock Council set record straight on granting licence

THURROCK Council has set the record straight on what their role was in granting a licence to the organisers of the under-fire event.

A spokesperson said: "Thurrock Council received an application for a Temporary Event Notice (TEN) on 13 July for a children’s entertainment event which was due to take place on Saturday 6 August on privately owned land in Orsett.

The license (TEN) was granted based on the information provided within the organiser’s application which was assessed by in accordance with the relevant licensing legislation. The application met the conditions of the event licence.

We are aware that some attendees were dissatisfied with the quality of the event and we would encourage people to contact the event organiser for a refund.

Speaking on Monday 8 August, Leader of the Council, Cllr Rob Gledhill said: "The Local Authority is responsible for ensuring events are safe and as part of that scrutiny, a multiagency consultative approach is taken to assess the measures organisers have put in place for all events.

It is disappointing that it appears that the event organiser has put on an event which has not met attendee’s expectations."

YT did ask Thurrock Council, the following question.

"If visitors have a complaint in relation to the standard of the

trading that went on, to whom should they direct their correspondence?

Thurrock Council have not answered that question, so we suggest you may want to write to:

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