Saturday, February 24, 2024

There is a CULT at the Thameside Theatre

To launch and celebrate this exciting new event, which will include classes, exhibitions, demonstrations, DJs, live music and much more, there will be a grand launch party on the 11th November at the Thameside Theatre, Grays.

The launch party will feature a GASS arts Paint Off with local artists, Emily Meaney, Steve Lawes, Jack Browning and Brad Rumble where each artists contributes to four canvasses that are then auctioned for charity on the night.

GASS are also providing a showcase of Louis Dovs clay sculptures. Plus there will be an alternative retro DJ playing 60s garage, rockabilly and pysche with fantastic live music set from headliners, Sidekick.

But importantly there will be the chance for you to contribute to the new forthcoming events by putting forward your ideas and thoughts on what you would like to see happen.

John Gathercole, who runs the club said, ‘We hope to bring a more diverse aspect to the local art scene with fun experimental activities and happenings, but still using traditional skills and media’.

The new alternative arts nights will happen on a Tuesday of each month, the first is on 24th Jan, the club will have different features including life drawing, poetry and theatre among many more and provide the local community a chance to come together join in, create and share ideas whilst also providing options to try new things or just watch.

Launch Party 11th November Thameside Theatre 8-11pm, doors open at 7.30 Admission free


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