Saturday, June 22, 2024

Jailed health experts ordered to pay back over half a million to NHS

FOUR health experts who fraudulently billed the NHS for 14,000 hours they did not work have been ordered to pay more than £575,000 or face further time in prison.

John Mulholland, Martin Oliver, Ann Clements and Tom Cumberland were all jailed for their parts in the scam. The CPS Proceeds of Crime Unit subsequently began proceedings to recover the defrauded funds.

Following a ruling at Basildon Crown Court yesterday (Thu 24 Nov), the group was ordered to pay:
· £350,946.23 to NHS Protect
· £168,593.28 to Basildon & Thurrock NHS Trust
· £57,599.66 to HM Treasury

The court ruled that failure to pay will result in additional prison sentences of 21 months (Mulholland) and 18 months (Oliver, Clements and Cumberland). Mulholland must also pay CPS costs of £75,000.

Nick Price, Head of CPS Proceeds of Crime said: “A respected role in a well-paid job wasn’t enough for these people and so they fraudulently claimed extra payments out of pure greed.

“Our work continues to ensure that criminals will not benefit from their crimes. This ruling means we will be able to make these fraudsters pay back the money they stole from the NHS and ultimately the taxpayer.”


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