Wednesday, September 27, 2023

EMR continue to Build Local Connections in Tilbury


RICHARD Wicks, General Manager for EMR, the metal recycling company with a yard at The Port of Tilbury, visited the Gateway Primary Free School, and was delighted to present them with 15 LEGO kits that supportThe Build to Expressprogramme that uses LEGO to help children develop communication skills and develop construction topics within the classroom.

EMR were keen to fund a project within a local school and through the Gateway Learning Community Trust, they have been able work with 5 local Tilbury schools; The Gateway Academy, Gateway Primary Free School, Herringham Primary Academy, Lansdowne Primary Academy and Tilbury Pioneer Academy.

The children clearly were enjoying the LEGO kits and had so many ideas on what they would build.
Richard commented “its really encouraging to see that using a LEGO set can help children in such a dramatic way. We hope that this becomes the first of many initiatives that demonstrates our commitment to work with the community in Tilbury”.

Alongside the LEGO kits Richard presented the school with a very large and impressive LEGO crane that both younger and older children, and some of the adults were keen to look at and start building.

As a business based in Tilbury EMR are making some good local connections and hopefully encouraging the work force of tomorrow to view the logistics and recycling sector as a possible career path.


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