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Senior Hammersmith council officer jailed for two years for benefits fraud that saw him buy house in Aveley


A SENIOR council officer who pocketed thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money in a “breathtaking” benefits fraud has been jailed for two and a half years.

Charles Hahn, 43, claimed more than £22,000 in handouts and was given a council house despite having a series of well-paid jobs reports the Evening Standard.

The father of three was head of compliance and health and safety at Hammersmith and Fulham council.

He hid his career to get a one-bed council home in Greenwich and failed to tell the authorities when, in 2010, he bought a house at Aveley in Essex.

In May 2012 he was granted a two-bed local authority home in Blackheath, despite not being entitled to handouts.

Hahn applied to purchase it, with a £100,000 discount under the right to buy scheme, but before the deal could go through, fraud investigators began to unravel his web of deceit.

Hahn pleaded guilty to four counts of dishonest representation for obtaining benefit and four counts of fraud.


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