UKIP’s Tim Aker given key appointment in Paul Nuttall’s cabinet

UKIP MEP Tim Aker has been appointed as a key seat co-ordinator in new leaders, Paul Nuttall’s cabinet.

tim-petitionUKIP MEP Tim Aker has been appointed as a key seat co-ordinator in new leaders, Paul Nuttall’s cabinet.

Cllr Tim Aker MEP said, “I am delighted to be appointed Key Seats Co-ordinator by Paul Nuttall. My focus will be to make sure we are ready to win our target seats at the next general election. While the party will have teams focusing on local elections, by-elections and training our candidates, I will be making sure we build up a strong ground game in the target seats that we can win at the next General Election.

“Experts rank over 200 parliamentary constituencies as more favourable for UKIP than Thurrock. Despite this we have built up a fantastic operation here. Winning local elections the last three years on the bounce as well as coming within 900 votes of winning the parliamentary seat at my first attempt. This is my opportunity to export the Thurrock magic to other branches, to help them with canvassing, casework and constituency matters.”

UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall said, “Tim is an exceptional political all-rounder. Whether it is political strategy or campaign co-ordination, he is extremely effective, and has turned Thurrock more purple than anyone could have expected.

“I am confident his talents will yield great results in our key-seats campaign across the country.”

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