Thurrock Council could profit from new power to fine motorists

UNDER new proposals, Thurrock Council will be able to fine motorists for moving traffic offences. Control over the issuing of fines is set to move from the police, to local councils, should the proposals be approved next year.

Currently, London boroughs are able to fine motorists for similar offences, however under the new plans, councils across the country will gain the power to issue fines for moving traffic offences.

With a single yellow box junction camera raising £1.2 million in fines over the past 18 months and another on Berkeley Street junction pocketing £816, 000, it is not surprising that research reveals more than a quarter (28%) of UK motorists believe that cameras are just a way for authorities to make money. However with council leaders claiming any income raised will be invested into highway related schemes – motoring editor, Amanda Stretton agrees more money should be directed into improving traffic regulations so that the high amount of fines can be avoided in the future:

“Our research shows drivers are highly cynical over the use of cameras and the amount of money in fines that local authorities receive.

“While box junction cameras are key in monitoring whether or not motorists are using junctions safely during peak travel times, traffic flow can sometimes force drivers to enter the box if their exit road is not clear.

“If councils are permitted to use cameras to fine people for box junction offences, they should concentrate on investing the money raised into improving congestion flow and management, ultimately saving motorists money.”

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