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Jag’s Blog: The Inspiration Zone: Control Your Fears

Control Your Fears | The Inspiration Zone

Blog Post by Jag Singh

THE biggest obstacle that holds people back from achieving their goals and dreams is the fear of failure. They fear that if they try to do something different and it doesn’t work out it would have all been a waste of time. They fear that everything could go wrong and then they will be ‘finger pointed’ by the naysayers who originally told them that they would not succeed.

If fear is not controlled, it will control you – this means you will live a mediocre life, a life of not taking any chances not doing something different and not taking any risks. Every individual who has been successful in sports, business, talent or any form of service has had to at one time face their fears of failure; they simply quietened the voice within and gave it their best shot. So can you!

Not everything you attempt in your life is going to be a success, such is life, but attempting to make it happen is the key, giving it your best. Don’t allow people to plant the seeds of fear in your head, and more importantly don’t plant them yourself – don’t become your own worst enemy. Control your inner dialogue stating that you will create a feasible and achievable plan then execute it accordingly with passion and desire.

I have faced many of my personal fears since a young age and at times it was hard and tough to do so, but because I did it again and again – it became easier to get out of my comfort zone, face my fears and attempt any challenge that came my way. You can too. Fear has no place in my vocabulary and each time it tries to creep into my head it is greeted by my sickly positive mental attitude and simply shown the exit door.

When I hear people say ‘but what happens if I fail’ I smile and they ask ‘why are you smiling’, I always reply – ‘How do you know it is going to fail if you never try.’

Eradicate your fears, never accommodate them, before approaching anything that challenges you, work out a feasible and constructive plan and simply move forward. You don’t want to be in a position in years to come where you sit back and say ‘I could have done that’ and regret ever listening to the negatives in your head and from others. Fear cannot exist within you without your permission. Control your fears and create your destiny.

Jag Singh is a valued member of the UK’s leading children’s charity the NSPCC (The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children) He is also a volunteer radio presenter for Gateway 97.8 and assists and supports our local communities and charities with full support from his employer TESCO.


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