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Ormiston Park Academy wins top prize for robotics design

Ormiston Park Academy wins top prize for robotics design

ON Ormiston TechThursday 23 February, Ormiston Park Academy’s Robotics Challenge Team competed in the London regional heat of the Tomorrow’s Engineers Robotics Challenge, which took place at Queen Mary, University of London. Ormiston Park’s amazing team was awarded the prize for the best robot design, and came third overall on the day.

For the last few months, pupils from year 7 and 8 have been coming after school each week to work with the Design and Technology Department to design, build and programme a robot to compete in the challenge.

Built entirely from Lego, and programmed using the Lego Mindstorms software, teams were required to design and build a robot to tackle a number of space-themed challenges, such as rescuing the Mars Rover which had become stuck in a crater, and collecting rock samples. Points were awarded by judges for the successful completion of the tasks, and penalties given if the robot had to be rescued or recovered outside of the safe zone.

Each team was also required to produce and present a report on the design of their robot, and how this allowed it to tackle the challenge tasks. They were also asked to produce a research project on a space themed topic. OPA’s team chose to research what humans might need to survive and create a colony in space, delivering a presentation of their findings and information poster with their suggestions for the judges.

On the day of the competition, teams had two attempts to use their robot to complete the space challenges, present their research and design reports, and take part in a team-work task where they had to design and build a castle. Points were awarded by judges during each of these challenges. The team with the highest amount of points progressed to the national final.

Huw Derrick, Head Teacher for Ormiston Park Academy, stated: ‘We are extremely pleased with the recent successes our students have achieved. Their endeavours in a range of competitions, competing at a very high level regionally, is testament to the rising standards at the Academy.’


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