Thursday, July 25, 2024

Vice-Chair of Thurrock Planning Committee admits “For the first year, you don’t have a clue…”

Kevin Wheeler

IT came across as a comedy moment in a Thurrock Council meeting on Wednesday night (March 29th).

A Ukip motion had proposed that councillors only sit on the Planning Committee for a year.

Opinions varied but it was the vice-chair of Planning, Ockendon councillor, Kevin Wheeler, who put another slant on the debate.

YT has found that Cllr Wheeler’s perspective on most things seems to include the words “I don’t know mate, I don’t know what’s going on!”

And this was to be no exception as cllr Wheeler described the first year in the Planning Committee as a year in which “You don’t understand half of what is going on!”

He then went on to reflect that ‘Now that I am on the committee, I am stuck on it!”

Of course, that was also met with much laughter, however, as you can see from our film, it was also met with look sf incredulity.

It would be interested to hear from those that had their planning applications refused in cllr Wheeler’s first year and see how funny they thought it was…..

But perhaps it was all, like his last line, all tongue-in-cheek….


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