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Blogpost: Make your life a ‘Masterpiece’ -The Inspiration Zone by Jag Singh

Make your life a ‘Masterpiece’ | The Inspiration Zone
Jag Singh

WOULD you like to make your life a masterpiece? Well, I have news for you, you can!

IF you are serious about achieving and living your dreams, then let me tell you a quick and effective method to make it happen. In order to get where you want to get, in order to be who you want to be you are going to have to take a few simple steps.

First, you need to decide what it is that you want, many people sit on the ‘ride of life’ and fail to plan or decide what it is that they actually want to achieve out of their lives. So, first get a pen and paper and make a list of what it is that you want to achieve in your life.

What are you good at?
What skill would you like to acquire?
How much money would you like to earn?
What kind of relationships would you like to have?

Many people go through life and never even ask themselves these questions. It’s important to know what direction you are going and where you want to be in years to come, sense of direction is an outcome of some simple planning.

Once you have answered the questions above (these are not limited, more questions the better) start to take action. For example, if one of your goals is to get physically fit then join the local gym or start a training regime and work your way up. Start slow, and don’t waste time because time is one of the greatest commodities we as humans possess and many times end up taking for granted. Well Don’t! Don’t take the time for granted that you have been given and gifted with, work your way through your list and make it happen.

If you truly want to make your life a masterpiece, plan and execute your action plans in each area of your life that is important to you and strive for constant improvement. Make a list of exactly what it is that want to improve on and how you plan to make these changes.

Distance yourself from people who stand in your way, people who hold you back from moving forward the same people who tell you that it can’t be done. The only way you are going to succeed is if you make a plan, take action and engage your tasks with a positive state of mind. At times it’s not going to be easy and you will feel like giving up, but don’t! Your persistence will be tested again and again and if you work hard and smart you will prevail and one day create a colourful picture of your life and materialise a masterpiece.

Do you struggle to get motivated to do the things that you know should be doing? Would you like to develop a robust plan to turn your life around and start to achieve the happiness that you deserve? If so, you may contact me on jagsingh70@btinternet.com and I will provide you with information on how you can obtain free life coaching sessions by enrolling onto ‘The I-Zone Coaching Academy.’ You can make it happen, take action today!


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