Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Letter to Editor: UKIP wrong over Lower Thames Crossing

Dartford Crossing Options

Dear Editor,

I’ve just read your article about Tim Aker and the Lower Thames Crossing, I’m fuming! People need to know the truth.

How dare UKIP claim to be the only party to oppose the Lower Thames Crossing. It’s a lie.

Tim Aker claims that UKIP is the only party in Thurrock opposing the Lower Thames Crossing. This is a barefaced lie.

Labour and John Kent have fiercely opposed the Lower Thames Crossing since day one. Labour councillors in Thurrock have also taken part in campaigns and protests against the crossing including Gerard and Barbara Rice.

Tim Aker and UKIP are so desperate for votes that they are now playing party politics with the Lower Thames Crossing Campaign. Thurrock needs to unite as a community and fight the Government; unity is strength.

UKIP causing division in the Lower Thames Crossing Campaign will weaken Thurrock’s chances of victory.

UKIP’s latest tactic is also highly disrespectful to George Abbott who has done a fantastic job at leading the Lower Thames Crossing Campaign.

The good people of Thurrock rejected Tim Aker and UKIP in 2015 and they will do the same on 8 June.


Scott Nelson


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