Thameside Primary pupils spellbound by storytelling.

Thameside Primary Pupils Spellbound by Storytelling.

Mike Dodworth

MIKE Dodworth, an internationally renowned storyteller, captivated the pupils at Thameside primary school with his energetic retelling of stories from around the world. Pupils across the school were amazed and inspired as they listened to stories that have come from different cultures. These stories can be enjoyed by everyone as they share similar themes such as humour and love which are shared by all cultures.

Mr Dodsworth stated that “storytelling has an instant impact. As an audience the pupils express ideas and emotions in the moment. They use their language and expression without realising it. The world of stories can bring together a school and celebrate each other and both our differences and similarities”.

The school’s writing lead, Rachel Rippon, said that “the stories being told in such an engaging way really spark children’s interest and imagination. They become more enthusiastic writers when they have something to write about!”

After the storytelling, pupils were buzzing with excitement and full of ideas for their own storytelling and writing. This performance from Mike will be used to spark pupils’ love of stories and have an impact on writing across the school.

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