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Blogpost: The Origins of the Inspiration Zone

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The Origins of the Inspiration Zone

The I-Zone Academy | Jag Singh

I was born a first generation Asian in East-London during the 1970’s, both my parents had immigrated from India to England. During our school years both me and my brother were the only Asians in our school and this was open to ridicule, bullying and racism. After suffering many years of abuse me and my brother reached out and received support, enough was enough. We deserved better and being bullied on a daily basis was not acceptable. Nobody should go to school to be bullied. Due to this, when I reached the age of thirteen I couldn’t read or write as I had spent many years in school concentrating on survival rather than education. I wanted to read and write, so for the first time in my life I adopted and gave birth to my ‘SicklyPositive’ attitude as I was not about to admit defeat and let my gruelling past affect my future. So, I started to read everything I could get my hands on.

Due to my determination, within in a year I had caught up and eventually could read and write very comfortably. This was celebrated by the numerous ‘Head Teachers Awards’ I received for outstanding homework during my time at secondary school. When I turned eighteen, my gruelling past began to take its toll on me again and I had to do something, find a life-line and stop the negative thoughts otherwise this could have a drastic effect on my future. So, one day whilst watching TV I stumbled across an advert promoting ‘Self-Development’ training and I saw this as hope, my life-line and decided to divulge into a journey of motivation and inspiration. I read every book I could get hold off that covered these topics, and the more I read the more knowledge I acquired and immediately began to adapt the strategies I read about into my personal life.

I attended many seminars, training schools of self-development, and read books on some of the greatest individuals that have walked this earth such as Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi and President Kennedy. I just wanted to know what made them click to do the amazing work that they had done. As I studied the inspiration field and took action, things slowly began to change and after many years of constant struggles and challenges I finally began to see my life turn around for the best. My relationships became healthier and stronger, my confidence grew and I found myself approaching each challenge that came my way with a positive mental attitude and became more and more ‘SicklyPositive.’

In 1990 (I was 20 years old) I became a Financial Consultant and after studying sales seminars and reading books combined with my self-development training, I adopted many different selling styles and became the top salesperson in the company within 6 months of joining. After being head hunted as an exceptional salesman I worked for many companies and sold many products including windows, water filters, aftershaves, watches, cars, houses and much more. Each and every time I was successful in becoming the top salesman within these companies. Now, I am able to offer this advice to any businesses/companies who would like to achieve the same sales results as I did.

After having divulged into the world of inspiration for over 25 years and having helped hundreds of individuals achieve their dreams and goals I decided to create an Academy – The I-Zone Academy. For many years I have helped and devised constructive plans for businesses/organisations and individuals covering topics such Team Building, Increasing Confidence Levels, Goal Setting, Anti-Bullying, Increasing Sales and much, much more. Using my life experiences and challenges as references I have written and designed my very own self-development training programs for anyone who wants to better their life and future. Now, these are all available for you to read, adapt and put to work instantly in order to live a happy and prosperous life.

When the UK community TV Sikh Channel asked me to host a TV show based on Inspiration, I was flattered and accepted their offer immediately. On this TV series ‘You Can! Inspiration for Life!’ I shared my positive experiences and motivational knowledge on UK TV for the first time. I also interviewed many amazing inspirational guests and the experience was amazing.

Currently, I am proud to say I am a radio presenter on the Essex community radio station Gateway 97.8 on my show ‘The Inspiration Zone’ up to date I have interviewed 28 amazing motivational guests from all walks of life including charity and community leaders. I still have many more exciting guests lined up. On this radio show I use the microphone as an effective tool to spread the words of inspiration, hope and encouragement to my listeners.

Recently, I have also started to write inspirational articles, such as the one you are reading right now in the YourThurrock internet news magazine. So, through TV, radio and the internet I am sending out positive vibes to help and support as many people as I can in order to make their dreams become a reality.

I made myself a promise at a young age that one day I would visit schools and conduct workshops and assemblies and talk to children about how to get help and support around issues such as bullying and neglect. I strongly believe that no child should ever go through the challenges I did. Therefore, I have now been a voluntary team member of the NSPCC (The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children) for almost two years and since joining I have spoken to 100’s of children in schools around Essex. All the community work I am doing above has been kindly sponsored and supported by my employer TESCO PLC.

Your Key to Success: The I-Zone Academy

Whether you want to increase your confidence levels, have stronger relationships, increase your sales within your company or want to get your team motivated, then come along and join me at The I-Zone Academy. With the I-Zone Academy self-development/inspirational coaching you will be on the road to achieve your full potential in your chosen field instantly. Personal and group sessions are available and after a short consultation each program is designed specifically for your requirements.

So, don’t hesitate, take a deep breath, buckle up and jump onto the I-Zone Academy motivational rollercoaster ride. The quicker you start, the quicker you’ll get to the top and one day live a happy and prosperous life, a life that you truly deserve and was born to live.
Keep yourself motivated and keep yourself inspired, until the next time…

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