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Port of Tilbury give help to local needlework group


WHEN you arrive at the Tilbury Needlework group it is a hub of activity and at its centre is Gwen Perkins. Gwen is 87 years old and has a huge amount of skill and passion for needlework craft. Gwen started the group in 1997 just after she retired and was keen to pass on her skills by helping people with alterations, dressmaking, knitting, crocheting and quilt making.

The Port of Tilbury heard about the group that has been going for so long with such a central figure driving it, right in the heart of the Tilbury community they were keen to look at how they could help. The port funded Gwen’s group with the materials needed to create the very special patchwork quilts that they craft with love and dedication for the children and families at Little Havens Hospice every year.

The Port of Tilbury said: “It’s people like Gwen and the team of ladies in the group that make the Tilbury community a special place and we hope our contribution will help the needlework group to continue their fantastic work that they do for the children in the Hospice and their families.”

If you would like to go along and join the group or to find out a bit more about it they meet every Monday 1-4pm and Fridays 930-1230 at the Tilbury Band Hall in Dock Road Tilbury.


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