Labour election candidate reacts to Queen’s Speech

John Kent 2017

THERESA May has not listened to the British people says Thurrock Labour’s Parliamentary candidate John Kent.

He was speaking after Wednesday’s Queen’s Speech laying out the Conservative’s proposals for the next two years’ legislation.

“The over-riding message we got, on the doorsteps, at the General Election was that that people have had enough of austerity and want to see an end of it, yet there was not one hint that we would see this.

“There was talk of investment in the security service, but not the police, doctors, and nurses who provide the services we rely on – they, presumably will face a seventh year of zero or one per cent pay rises and fewer and fewer colleagues as the latest cuts bite.

“However the numbers in Parliament itself has forced Mrs May to dump the dementia tax – instead, talking obliquely about a social care consultation; to drop her much vaunted proposals for grammar schools; to forget any thoughts of scrapping free school lunches; and to lose that old Conservative favourite bringing back fox-hunting.

“That’s U-turn after U-turn showing that this Conservative government is anything but strong and stable.

“On top of all this confusion there is the supposed deal with Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party, or DUP.

“Details of any deal are still awaited, but there is talk of an extra billion pounds for Northern Ireland’s NHS – good for them, but what about the rest of us? Remember this government is only in charge of England’s NHS, and we know only too well in Thurrock that it is in dire need of investment.

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