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Thurrock Council gets tough with HGVs


Thurrock Council gets tough with HGVs

FOLLOWING complaints from residents, Thurrock Council has partnered up with Penham Excel and Essex Police, in a joint effort to tackle illegally parked HGVs in Thurrock.

Leader of the Council, Cllr Rob Gledhill attended the second pilot evening after full Council on Wednesday (28 June) – he said: “This work is firstly to re-educate, secondly to protect and finally obtain outstanding fixed penalty notice payments.

“The priority for this project is to help drivers of HGV’s be redirected to appropriate places for them to stay and park. We have produced hand outs and maps and using translation services to move the vehicles on safely. At the moment we’re seeing a huge number of HGVs parking in residential areas which causes a great disturbance to local people and the council is doing everything in its powers to address the problem.

“Residential streets are not built for heavy vehicles, turning circles aren’t big enough and the roads aren’t wide enough. We’re seeing damage to the pavement, curbs and in some cases, people’s private property which is simply unacceptable.

“We also can’t ignore the litter and human waste which is often left behind after HGVs have been parked up. There are plenty of places across the borough with litter bins and toilets which are built specifically to give our HGV drivers a rest and place to sort themselves out – those places are not down our streets with schools and homes.

“Lastly, we have a significant number of unpaid fines accumulated by HGV drivers. This is clearly unacceptable as that money should be going to towards road repairs and other necessary council services.

“There is still a long way to go to stop this happening across Thurrock and although it was good to see the MOTO service station nearly full, a quick drive around the borough saw other HGVs pulling up for the night in lay-bys and on verges.

“I have joined the team on the second pilot night to see how the project works – I am extremely pleased. We have the law on our side, and have already seen fantastic results and look forward to it continuing.”


  1. when are they going to enforce the weight limits or do they think having your house shake to bits enhances Thurrocks vibrancy.


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